3 steps to a restored bag !

1) Print & fill out form

Click on the printer photo above, then print the Cleaning & Restoration Request Form. Fill out the form in its entirity including name, address, phone number (where you can be reached during regular business hours) to authorise work to be done and don't forget to sign where indicated. Include the form with the bag when shipping.

2) Print shipping label and send

Click on the UPS logo above to fill in and print your shipping label. Send your handbag to us, with the form from step 1. (Send no money!) The sooner your handbag or purse is shipped the quicker you will receive a quote by phone for the work to be done and upon your approval the sooner you will receive and enjoy your refurbished handbag or purse.

3) Recieve quote by phone

Upon receipt of your purse or handbag one of our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect and review the item, within hours you will be contacted by phone with a quote for work which we highly reccomend to restore your bag or purse to its former glory. Only upon your approval will work commence for cleaning or full restoration. Price List

best Efforts proposal

By signing the Cleaning & Restoration Request Form and sending your bag to HandBag Restoration you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by HandBag Restoration. Please Click on Pricing Policy or Privacy Policy at the foot of everypage of this website to find out more.

Exterior Cleaning:
Thorough exterior handbag cleaning, with polishing and refinishing of handles and hardware. Stains on handbag exterior are removed and handbag scratches are touched up.

Interior Cleaning:
Thorough interior handbag cleaning, plus cleaning of exterior pockets. Any stains on handbag linings are removed.
Deodorizing & Stain Guard:
Thorough interior handbag cleaning, plus perfume, smoke and other purse odors are neutralized. An important part of cleaning handbags is applying a stain guard for water, stain and wear resistance.

FAQS - questions

What can I do if I don’t reside near you?

we can clean your bag no matter where you live (US only) Click on printer image then print and fill out form and mail your handbag to us.

  • Is there anything I should do to a suede purse before I use it?
  • The best thing you can do to a new suede handbag is to have a professional application
    of a stain and water repellant applied to it, the interior lining as well as the exterior.
What are the hardest stains to remove?

Ink, oil and make up are some of the worst. Crocking (dye transfer) on leathers is enerally
very removable, this is not so true for PVC and patent leather handbags.

  • Do you clean the inside lining ?

Yes, cleaning the lining is included in our general cleaning service. Some types of stains (i.e. ink) may not come out entirely, however most clients are very impressed with
how much the lining can be cleaned up.

Can you restore my handbag?

Depending on the materials, age and general condition of a bag, sometimes much can be done to restore a distressed handbag. We have to see it to be able to evaluate and give you an estimate for restoration.